Christy Clark – A Look Back at a Legacy

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Christy Clark – Early Life

Born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia, Christy Clark is the daughter of Mavis and Jim, both a counselor and high school teacher respectively. Coming from a modest middle-class family with Anglican values, Christy’s parents preached fiscal conservatism which would in time became the hallmark for Clark’s policies.

Christy’s love for politics was born from her father, Jim, who was rather unsuccessful when running for provincial office thrice (under BC Liberals – parties were not a critical factor in politics at the time). Christy Clark was also part his campaigns at the time. He helped enhance Clark’s skills about the cut and thrust of political deliberations — an additional essential attribute of her later political success.

“I was a baby on his knees when my dad participated for the first time. My dad got me doing this and inspired me,”

Christy Clark

Christy Clark’s Political Reign

Christy Clark always gave credit to her dad’s lengthy teaching career, and the stability offered by the steady job, for aiding him his struggle with alcoholism and depression. This factors shaped Christy Clark’s next view about job creation as amongst the single most vital goals of any government. Serving Honorable, Christy Clark is known to have led Canada’s third-biggest province for six plus years. All through her tenure, Clark established the best performance of any Canadian Premier in terms of economic development, fiscal administration, and job creation.   

Christy Clark retired from active politics in 2017 and placed her mark on Canadian history as the longest-serving female Premier and the only Canadian woman ever to be re-elected. When she left, British Columbia had been leading Canada’s economical for three years consecutively – the first time it happened since the 1960s. British Columbia moved from 9th to 1st in job creation amongst provinces. And, after inheriting a $1.2B deficit, Clark’s government achieved a better balance with five successive budgets. After Clarks Retirement, she remained on-track to eradicating its operational debt by 2020 – notably the first since the 1970s. British Columbia remained the only Canadian province to obtain an AAA credit rating.   

Christy Clark after Politics

Nowadays, Christy handles the role of a Senior Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP, an internationally recognized law firm. She is also sitting a Board Director for Shaw Communications Inc., amongst Canada’s top 4 leading telecommunications brands; and for Recipe Unlimited Corporation, holder of Canada’s most recognized restaurant brands. Additionally, Christy also serves in the Advisory role for ThoughtWire Corporation, a business dedicated to making advances in Canada’s tech sector.  In recent times, Christy has also been chosen by the InterAction Council as an Associate Member. It is an international association with former heads of state coming together to create lasting solutions to economic, political, and social troubles of the present world challenges.   

Other Involvements

Christy, in her spare time, serves voluntarily under Roots of Empathy, an international organization working to educate kids on empathy and kindness. Christy Clark is also accredited for initiating the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) industry to British Columbia with the approval of $40B LNG project in Kitimat. This project alone is the single largest private sector deal in Canada’s history.


In November 2018 Christy Clark was identified by the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) as amongst Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. Christy was also inducted into the WXN Hall of Fame.

Source: BC Gov Photos