Christy Clark on LNG

B.C. Premier John Horgan finally agreed on the concluding investment verdict on the LNG Canada project, but a bulk of the praise goes to the previous Liberal premier Christy Clark for initiating the groundwork. Within seven years, Christy Clark fought to secure this investment that involves taking British Columbia the liquefied natural gas industry. Christy Clark singled out the LNG Canada terminal worth $40-billion in B.C., and its subsequent pipeline goes above political will. This achievement has earned Christy Clark pervasive praise and stands as one of her major political career highlights.

 This $40-billion LNG Canada terminal is the most significant investment made by the private sector in Canada’s history. The group of corporations following LNG Canada, with the Royal Dutch Shell leading the pack, announced to begin implementation of the project that would create an estimated 10,000 jobs. A revenue generation of $23 billion is expected to make by the British Columbia government within the next 40 years. Christy Clark spent a large portion of her time as B.C. premier working to create LNG rules and support companies like Petronas and Shell to invest in B.C. but faced defeat in 2017 before the projects getting any approval.

“My utmost disappointment of the voting was coming to my house and thoughts of LNG not happening since the NDP have voted in opposition to our LNG bills”

Christy Clark

On Vancouver Island, a First Nation has agreed a projected export facility for the liquefied natural gas on its territory. Former B.C. Premier Christy Clark on October 14, 2015, had addresses the LNG in British Columbia Conference in Vancouver; however, the NDP used this foundation to make additional $5.4 billion tax breaks. 

Source: BC Gov Photos

With Clark’s argument about changing the climate arrangement, or creating suspension on fracking, the NDP had several ways they could have done to stop it. However, the NDP was able to define a genuine and reasonable prospect about it so thanks to the opposition for allowing it to happen. Former B.C. Premier Christy Clark does not regret making promises in 2013 election about LNG generating enough proceeds to clean out British Columbia’s debt. With the $40-billion LNG Canada terminal coming online, the end target remains to improve the financial prospects for the communities.

With the project coming to live, there is no regret today as we can all glance back at the legacies left by Christy Clark made a significant difference. She has always been an exemplary leader and would still receive credit for all ideas initiated during her time. 

‘My greatest contentment comes from my legacies. That is my feeling, let’s all share the credit.”

Christy Clark

Since stepping down from political activities, Christy Clark has joined Bennett Jones, a law firm, and functions as an adviser. She also has an appointment with Shaw Communications where sits as a board member. The Former British Columbia Premier Christy Clark would always be acknowledged for her role in making the $40-billion LNG Canada terminal in B.C. a reality that is well worth the wait.