What is Christy Clark doing these days?

The Former British Columbia premier, Christy Clark now has a new job at a law firm. Christy Clark was B.C. premier for six successive years, taking over from Gordon Campbell.  Amongst the defining moment of her political career was capturing a surprise win in the 2013 provincial election. Bennett Jones did the new job known through a release announcing Christy Clark’s hiring.

Still holding the record as Canada’s longest-serving female premier, Christy Clark is also recognized as a leader of British Columbia’s standout performance in economic growth. Her new job with law firm Bennett Jones places Christy Clark as a senior adviser in the company’s Vancouver branch. Clark admitted in a statement that Joining Bennett Jones was an excellent fit for her with the firm known for aiding clients to get hold of various prospects in sectors like infrastructure, natural resources, trading with Asia, technology and innovation. Over the years, Christy Clark has shown great passion towards these areas and worked closely with them as B.C. premier. 

Lawyers at Bennett Jones’ share similar passion for such jobs – working creatively and seeking solutions to more complex problems. Bennett Jones remains very excited to be making Christy a part of the firm. Christy has demonstrated top quality leadership as premier, taking British Columbia to new economic heights.  With Christy Clark’s vision bent on enhancing growth through trade is one that is also in line with customer’s expectations. Vancouver is presently a thriving marketplace with a strategic focus, and Bennett Jones is very pleased to welcome Christy Clark’s appointment. Christy Clark resigned as premier after a confidence vote that defeated her government. Christy Clark left the political scene on August 4, 2017, after the announcement of her intentions to her caucus. 

Source: University of the Fraser Valley

At the moment, she is part of the Board of Director at Shaw Communications Inc and Recipe Unlimited Corporation. Shaw Communications Inc is amongst Canada’s top four largest telecommunications brands while Recipe Unlimited Corporation is the owner of Canada’s most celebrated restaurant outlets. Additionally, she serves at ThoughtWire Corp., as an Advisor for the organisation dedicated to advancing Canada’s tech sector.  Another position held by Christy Clark in recent times is the appointment from the InterAction Council as an Associate Member. The InterAction Council is an international body where former heads of state team up to find solutions to the economic, political, and social problems facing the world today.   

During her spare time, Christy Clark makes voluntary efforts for Roots of Empathy, an association that functions globally in teaching kids’ empathy and kindness. Christy Clark is also being recognized for her efforts in bringing important industries to British Columbia, like the liquefied natural gas industry. The $40B LNG project in Kitimat, British Columbia by LNG Canada is notably the single largest private investment in Canada’s history. 

In November 2018 Christy Clark bagged an award from Women’s Executive Network (WXN) with the recognition as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. An induction into WXN Hall of Fame was performed for Christy Clark as well. Presently, Christy Clark remains a leading role model and icon for women in Canada and across the world.